A Message from Our President, Satoshi Shirakawa

The orchestra "Do svidanya" was organized in 1993 in order to play the works of the great 20th century Soviet composer, Dmitri Shostakovich. The name of the orchestra Do svidanya means "See you again" in Russian. This name expresses our respect to Shostakovich, and includes our hope that we members can gather at the next concert and see our audiences again.

Shostakovich created wonderful music. The message of his music encourages us, even in this age, to hold tightly to our beliefs and personal identity in the face of any difficulty.

Unfortunately, his works are rarely performed by amateur orchestras. One of the reasons is because they require a huge orchestration and highly skilled musicians. Another reason might be because some people regard his music as too abstract and hard to enjoy. In the situation of Japanese amateur orchestras, this orchestra was organized by amateur players who loved his music, or who did not know much about it, but wanted to be familiar with his music. So our concert performances are not merely a musical series of the symphony cycles; They are also an activity for us to study the personality of Shostakovich, who kept his identity in the dark Soviet age.

It might sound like we are a kind of maniac group, rather, we believe that we are one of the most attractive and active orchestras in Japan. We are proud that we are gradually creating an ideal Shostakovich sound with each concert (See The History of Our Concerts).

Why don't you come once (or of course more times) to see our concert and experience Do svidanya's Shostakovich sound?

We are waiting for you in the concert hall!

Satoshi Shirakawa, President of the Orchestra "Do svidanya"

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